Facts About Black Skin

Each type of skin is unique and must be treated with specific care and attention

Lightenex® Plus is by far the most effective solution for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation or have very dark skin that cannot be faded by other skin lightening creams or treatments.

Some facts that may interest you are:
  • Black skin (people from Africa, Native Australians, African-Americans, Caribbeans other Islands) is darker than Northern European skin due to the increased amount of melanin in the skin, the pigment in the skin which protects it from the effects of UV light in sunlight.
  • The melanin pigment in the skin slows down the ageing process. However as black people age, their skin often becomes irregularly pigmented. This shows up as dark patches on the skin.
  • If an area of the skin becomes inflamed or red from and insect bite or from an acne pimple, a brown area can be left behind as the redness or inflammation subsides, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).
  • Dark skin tones are prone to developing keloid scars (large masses of tissue that develop after a wound heals).
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