Does lightenex® plus have any bleaching agents (such as hydroquinone), or steroid contents, which can be used to enhance the skin whitening process?

Lightenex® plus is formulated using only the finest natural ingredients, it does not contain any bleach or steroid contents. back to top


Should i be concerned about long-term side effects from lightenex® plus?

You do not have to be concerned about long-term side effects from the usage of lightenex® plus. the product has been clinically tested and proven to be safe for long-term usage for even the most sensitive skin types. back to top


Should i be concerned about being sensitive to any of the ingredients used in lightenex® plus? will there be any allergic reactions?

As the biological system of each person is different, everyone will be allergic to something. the main ingredients of lightenex® plus are kojic dipalmutate and liquorice extracts. both are tolerated well by the majority of the population, however there will always be a very small percentage of the population who will be allergic to it. as a simple way of testing if you are allergic, you can rub one drop of the lightenex® plus on the lower part of your hand, twice a day for two days. if there is any irritation or darkening of the skin in the area, you may be allergic to either the kojic dipalmutate or liquorice extracts, which are the most effective ingredients used in modern skin whitening products. the darkening of the area is only temporary and the skin will return to its normal colour within one or two days after discontinuing the product. back to top


How long do i need to apply lightenex® plus to see the results?

Generally, most customers will be able to witness visible lightening effects on their skin within 4-8 weeks of usage. for most customers, continuous application of lightenex® plus up to a period of 3 months will see the skin being lightened by approximately 2 shades. but results will vary according to the original skin tones of the users. back to top


How long will the skin lightening results achieved from the application of lightenex® plus last?

The lightening results achieved from the application of lightenex® plus are lasting, as long as you take good care of your skin by applying a good sunscreen, of at least spf 25, or better still a total sunblock (spf 50) before you step outdoors. there may be days when the sun does not appear to be strong, but this does not imply that your skin is protected from ultraviolet rays. as long as you are outdoors during the day, your skin is constantly being exposed to ultraviolet rays. ultraviolet rays has the effects of accelerating melanin production in your body. if you consistently go outdoors without a sunscreen, the whitening effects you achieve through lightenex® plus will be negated. but this does not mean that you will instantly return to your original skin shade if you forget to put on your sunscreen for one day. rather, it is a slow and continuous process. back to top


Do i have to continue applying lightenex® plus after i achieved a lightened complexion? how long do i have to keep using the product?

It is not compulsory to continue applying lightenex® plus after a lighter complexion is attained as long as you apply a good sunscreen. back to top


Can we apply lightenex® plus all over the body or is it strictly to be used on the face only?

For users who wish to apply lightenex plus on their bodies, it is absolutely safe to do so and there will not be any form of skin irritations and side effects on the skin. (external use only) back to top


Should i feel a sensation on my skin upon application of lightenex® plus?

You may feel a slight tingling on your skin upon application of lightenex® plus, however this subsides after a few minutes. back to top


Can i apply makeup after application of lightenex® plus

Users can apply makeup after application of lightenex plus. back to top

Besides a skin peel / facial scrub to assist in the exfoliating process of the skin, do i need any other additional skin products to enhance the whitening results of lightenex® plus?

Besides using a good cleanser, toner and lightenex® plus in your daily routine, you will only need to use a skin peel / facial scrub up to a maximum of 2 times a week. you do not need any other additional skin products. if you use a complicated range of skin products, it may increase the risk of your skin getting too sensitive and may lead to skin irritations. back to top


Can i use lightenex® plus to fade freckles, dark spots, melasma, sun damage, acne scars and liver spots?

Yes, lightenex® plus is specially developed to work well on lightening any hyper pigmentation on the face or body. back to top


Do your products cater for both men and women?

Lightenex® plus is a unisex product and can be used by both men and woman. back to top


Does pharmaclinix have a money back guarantee policy?

Yes, we do offer a money back guarantee. if you suffer from any allergic reactions within 7 days of using our product, you can return it and we will give you a full refund.back to top


I need to use both lightenex® plus and scar repairex, how would i apply both of these on my skin?

You should first apply scar repairex, followed by lightenex® plus. it is then important to wear a good sunscreen on top.

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